Long after you’ve forgotten someone’s voice, you can still remember the sound of their happiness or their sadness. You can feel it in your body.

— Anne Michaels   (via lovely—delight)

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Budapest, Hungary
But if these years have taught me anything it is this: you can never run away. Not ever. The only way out is in.

— Junot Díaz  (via lovely—delight)

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It’s a terrible thing, I think, in life to wait until you’re ready. I have this feeling now that actually no one is ever ready to do anything. There is almost no such thing as ready. There is only now. And you may as well do it now. Generally speaking, now is as good a time as any.

— Hugh Laurie   (via blackbruise)

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The Rosewood, housed in a stately Edwardian edifice near Covent Garden that was once the offices of an insurance company, elegantly splits the difference between the two London hotel mainstays: the quirky and the stuffy.